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We trade the 4 most popular forex pairs. (EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDCAD). Our strategies work on essentially ALL efficient markets and pairs, but these pairs are extremely liquid and have endless potential, so we focus here.
About Our Trading Strategies
10 - 50 Trades per Day
Our systems are very active and place up to 50 trades per day.
Results Posted Daily & Weekly
Every day we post a video recap of all our trades in our REAL trading account.
No Software / Downloads
You do not need any software, downloads or even a computer.
Important Things To Know
We have TWO forex trading strategies, both of which operate independently.
Depending on volatility, there can be anywhere between 5 and 10 trade setups on a typical day, and each trade setup may have between 1 and 12 entry points (buys and sells). These are very active strategies - an average day has 30 - 50 trades.
We use 100% technical chart patterns on 60 minute and 15 minute charts to identify PULLBACKS in a newly established trend, overbought/oversold conditions, and double-tops/bottoms to determine Buys and Sells.  
Welcome to Wolves Trades! Our fx trading strategies were created by a team of professional traders with over 30 years of combined experience. We monitor 4 different timeframes on 6 different currency pairs and constantly scan for overbought and oversold trading opportunities.

We offer one-on-one coaching, trading signals and have a variety of trading products you can purchase. Please contact us if you have questions or want more details.

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